Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Story of the Seamstress

Welcome to another miniature world captured in a frame!

This is the shop of a victorian dressmaker. 
 She is a paperdoll, put together with pieces and parts of paperdoll clothes, 
a stamped paperdoll head, plenty of lace and porcelain arms.

The shoes are too adorable.  They are a pair of black Barbie doll shoes that I attached two violet roses onto. And a matching handbag! with a navy blue and white madonna on it.

She is standing in her milliner's shop, this craftswoman and seamstress

surrounded by the tools of her trade :  
needles adorned with pearls and crystal beads;  a vintage pair of scissors, 
a mannequin, a dressmaker's mannequin, a mannequin head, 
a piece of vintage cloth measuring tape, an old key and more. 
Oh what a graceful time it was! although it must have been very
 uncomfortable to sew whilst wearing all those layers of lace and crinoline!

The dressmaker's mannequin in the background I decorated with ribbon roses.

She has a mannequin head in her display window with the latest Victorian hat! 
 I made the tiny little hat from the plastic end of a tassel and I added lace, tiny roses and a very immodest feather!

The lace curtains of the shop are decorated with many gold roses. The shop is wallpapered with victorian paper, lace, ribbons, vintage newspaper ads, a victorian die cut basket of roses.

Please step in and be measured for that special gown!  

love, Hettienne

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