Thursday, August 27, 2015

Have you ever dreamt of joining the circus?

Have you ever dreamt of running away
and joining the circus?

That feeling of absolute freedom as you travel
from town to town?
Being loved by an audience,
flying high up into the tent?

A Victorian circus in a shadow box with my own take on the Ringmistress! 
 She is a vintage doll from my vast collection of miniature dolls! 
 She can climb out of the box and bat her eyelids at those who applaud her performance!

 A wooden shadow box filled with 3D images edged and decorated with glitter, sequins, glass beads, bows and crowns!
 A ballet-shoe clad acrobat swings from a pair of gold spectacles suspended on a chain of hearts;

A vintage cake-topper ballerina surrounded by vintage circus tags, posters and tickets.

a sultry Burlesque dancer in the background; 

'believe' with a tiny gem dangling down, in the background;
 and do you see the clown/harlequin's image behind microscope 
glass slides in the background:

And to complete the harlequin theme, the checkered circus floor

The Queens Dollhouse

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