Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Little Victorian ice skating girl frozen in time

Dolls unlock a part of my heart that I cannot explain.  
When I pick up a doll, I see her story and I feel this tug in my heart to share her tale with the world.  I have decided that they are a
 key to a magical garden in my own inner world :  
a world where the mind is not allowed to enter;  no criticism thank you, no matter how constructive;  no harsh reality here! 
 Only the beautiful, magical and wondrous!

This little Victorian Ice Skater I found on Etsy a while ago. 
 When I saw her I could see the frozen lake and I could hear the music!  
The vintage gramophone I found whilst antique hunting during a
 recent trip to the South of France. 
The fact that she is skating with her tiny white bird in its cage, is part of the magic of her tale!

You see, she was turned into a swan by an evil magician, long long ago.  
And now she can only turn into a beautiful girl again when you touch the magic key!

Till then, she is the swan, dreaming of the music floating on the crisp air; 
 feeling the swish of her dress against her legs; 
 hearing the scraping sounds of the skates on the ice!

How do you touch the magic key?  By looking at her with love and warmth.  
The warmth of your heart and thoughts will melt the spell, 
and she will transform into the princess that she is.


The Queen's Dollhouse

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