Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Sunday morning in Montmartre

These vintage dolls I bought at various flea markets while in

She herself is on her way to the flea markets.  She is carrying her
typical French picnic basket loaded with fromage and baquette
and of course, French wine.  She is also carrying an empty
bird cage as she is intending buying a bird.  There is a huge
market in Paris that sells birds on a Sunday.  

On her way there she will pass the myriad of stalls
that line the banks of the Seine.

In fact,  some of these items
I did buy at some of those stalls.  Here you can find porcelain,
antiques, books, keys and locks, dolls and plants, amongst other 
collectible things.  

I included a background of the Virgin as Queen 
and another small statue of Notre Dame de Paris.
I painted both the crowns on the Virgin and the Child gold.

In Paris I experienced a city in which a great part of its history
and historical religion reveres the Salve Regina, Hail Holy Queen.
Wherever you look in the landscape, you can see not only the
Eiffel tower that is so famous in the skyline, but also the 
Sacre Coeur with the most beautiful golden statues of the Holy Queen,
and a shrine with probably 30 images of the Virgin,
as well as the Notre Dame, the imposing Cathedral that dominates

Hail Holy Queen

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to
read my words and to gaze upon my imagination.
May we share this dream in peace and joy.


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